Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another week with Beau

I sent in a longer update to the turtle gardens blog that you can see here:

Beau is doing well! He is still barking when someone comes in the office but I do see improvement every day :) he's learning that time outs are not fun and if he doesn't stop barking when asked he will get one, so he's starting to put two and two together and gets better each day! 

He's still a super cuddly little guy :) but also started playing! He found an adorable 8 month old puppy who likes to play and after Beau said no I don't want to play a couple times, the puppy was determined to play and then decided to play how Beau wanted. And voila! They were both laying on the ground play wrestling and having a great time :)
They had good puppy playtime for almost an hour then both, like typical puppies, crashed down for a long nap :) 

Monday, April 27, 2015


Beau is my newest Foster pup :) his name was originally Bo, but after spending more time with him I felt he needed a slightly softer name :) 

He became attached at my hip pretty quickly. And he likes to be where I am. Even when other people he knows are around, I'm the clear favorite. At the dog run it was mentioned that he was definitely a "Julia-dog", and it turned out to be quite true! He quickly learned he could look to me and trust me and has been glued to my side. 
But despite that, and the fact that I was warned he has some separation anxiety, he hasn't shown any seperation anxiety besides waiting by doors for me, or sitting and staring where he saw me last. But even doing that he settles quite quickly. 

We went to Bosley's in North Van (Lonsdale) and they generously donated a bath to Beau! So we gave him a nice bath, and he was very well behaved! He let me wash him all over and even rinse around his eyes and mouth He did not like the blow drier though!  

He is definitely funny though :)
So far he is showing he loves to cuddle, and is very smart! We are working on leash skills, and his alert barking reaction to some new things, both have been improving already! 

He is getting along well with my TG Alumni cat Pekoe, and Rikki. 
He is so far not showing much playfulness with dogs, and yelped at Rikki when she tried to initiate play with him. And though he seems interested when I initiate play with a toy he will go for the toy a few seconds, but is not really playing much with it. I'm hoping he will soon learn how much fun toys can be! 

I was also expecting him to be 20-25lbs but he's actually much smaller! I haven't qeighed him yet but I'm putting him around only 10-15lbs.

I look forward to getting to know this little guy! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


That's what my life has been like for the past while!

A whirlwind of working, school, dogs, volunteering, and the list goes on!

I meant to post this update AGES ago! But of course, life happens!


He was adopted by a wonderful family who just love his 6-8 year old, one-eyed self!

I've gotten a couple updates from his new family since adoption! AND some great photos!

I miss him a lot, but I am so happy knowing he is where he belongs :)

Here's what his new family had to say!
"Hi Julia, 
Just wanna give you an update on Archie.  He's been doing awesome and everyone in the house absolutely loves him.  He just got a groom today so he's all fluffy lol attached are some photos from today.  I couldn't get him to pose for a good picture. He has really settled in our place good.  He loves our couch haha always on it.  I'll try to get you more photos soon."
"Here is a good photo of Archie at the park lol I let him run around the grass field for a bit and he got tired haha that's why he is sitting down :)"

Without further ado - here are his photos!

What a happy boy!

Stay tuned for news on my next adventure! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Photo update for Archie!

Here are photos from hanging with me and the dogs at work, as well as attending an agility trial (he was such a good boy!), and he snuggles with the kitty sometimes too ;) 

If you're interested in Archie please send an application to Turtle Gardens (link is in the sidebar)