Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mattie Update and House Guest

Mattie has been doing just fantastic in her new home! I couldn't be happier for Maddelicious :) 

You can read her updates on the TG blog HERE and HERE !

I have also had a house guest the last two weeks! He is a Boston Terrier named Spot! :)

He is a super funny guy - full of personality and character! As many squished-nosed dogs do, he makes tons of noises that are  bound to make you crack up every once in a while :P 
He snorts, grunts, and mini-barks his way into your heart :P 

He is just with me until his family return from a vay-cay and we'll miss the little guy around here - but he will be thrilled to see his family again! :) 

Here are some pics! :) 

This one is totally my fav! ;)

I just thought I'd share this quick update! 

I have so much happening in the next couple weeks, from helping with an upcomming TG event, going camping on the island and the family reunion on the island - at which time I will be stopping by to visit a few familiar furry faces ;), a dog event tomorrow evening, a dog event on the weekend, a work bbq, and work itself!, I also just finished a few DIY projects, as well as I will be starting and finishing another.... all before wednesday :P That is a week in my life - during the SUMMER! Can you imagine what it's like during the school year :P 

But needless to say I will be posting some of my doggy DIY projects soon! as well as updates on my adventures! Can't wait to get another pup once Im back! I'm also planning on fostering kitties as well! (Though I usually foster kitties during the school year, VOKRA needs all the help they can get right now!) 

Speaking of fostering Turtle Gardens is always in need of foster homes and with so many people on vacation or taking breaks we really need some more help! If you are located in BC and able to foster please contact 

Will post more soon! :)

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