Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 in Forever Homes, 1 To Go!

Well the second sad/happy day has arrived!
Chika's adoptive family has been approved! Yay! Chika is now awaiting her transport to the island to meet up with her new family! She captured the hearts of all who have met her and is going to love her new family as much as they already love her! I'm so grateful she found such a wonderful forever home! I'll miss you tons "Little Girl" Chika! Have fun with your new family!

Playing with Carlin (this pic is from a few weeks back)

Ninja-Dog, Chika, jumps from the bushes to attack unsuspecting Carlin!

Some pics of Chika enjoying the little sunshine that we got today :)

I can't tell if she is trying to wink or giving me the "stink eye"

It's too sunny for me! Bring back the snow!

Oh, Hi! Didn't see you there!

So out of my three foster dogs, only one is left! And I must say he is such a little charmer I am sure he will capture hearts and find his forever home!

Here is a little mini-bio of Carlin:

When I first picked up Carlin at the dog-run to foster him he was shaking and very fearful, understandable after such a long trip and arriving in such a different place! He spent the first night in the crate tucked in the back with his sister Chika. We soon attracted them out with their meal and then after a a day or so of sleeping in a pile together in the corner of the room they started to come out of their shells and really warm up to everyone. At that point new people were still very scary to them and they would come forward with me but were hesitant around anyone new. Now, they are both different dogs! When new people come in they can't get enough!

Carlin has developed into a little sweetheart with lots of energy! The picture of a young boy! Full of energy but loves to be with his people! He can be a little shy at first but is no longer fearful and will quickly warm up to new people for cuddles! Especially if treats are involved ;) He is still learning to walk nicely on the leash, because he is just so interested in all the different smells and sights that he sometimes just wants to get to know them all! I know that with more exposure to those new things, and making sure you are in control of the leash he will walk better and better on leash.He is much more used to loud city noises and walks next to loud traffic with only a few looks if the car is very noisy. He is very good in the car but he can get bored. So usually if you just chuck a carrot or bone in there for him to chew on he's as happy as a clam.

He can get a little excited during feeding or when people he doesn't know enter the backyard. If its a person he only barks a couple times but he will stop as soon as you give him a quick "Chh! That's Enough!". If its during feeding I use the same command and I found keeping my hand raised in a "Stop" sign slows his excitement and stops him from jumping up if he gets too excited and he is doing very well at waiting for his food! I can even move the food around him and he is good at waiting until I give the ok! and that helps lower his excitement even more. He is a very happy-go-lucky kind of fellow! :)

Carlin gets along great with other dogs and would love to play all day! He listens when his sister tells him thats enough! And if another dog gets a bit too excited around him he is very good at giving them some space until they calm down, and then he's right back in playing with them! He is great with his recall, and knows the commands "Off", "Sit", and "Paw", and is currently learning "Down" and "Stay" and is doing very well! He can sometimes get a bit excited and try to jump up on people, I just say "off!" and walk forward until he jumps back off and he gets the idea.

Carlin is a very active dog and would need good exercise each day as well as playtime! He is currently learning to fetch and loves running after the balls, though sometimes Chika distracts him with play ;) He is a very sweet guy who has tons of love to give and would love a nice active home to settle in with!

Running when Called!

Carlin is such a total sweetheart and the minute I squat down he will run over and stand in-front of me wagging his tail waiting to be petted!

He is 4 1/2 months old, seems to be a shepherd mix (maybe lab?), and he has tan with black markings on his face and tail and white markings on his feet. He currently weighs approx. 30-40lbs (I will be officially weighing him sometime this week).

I just know Carlin will steal the hearts of the people and find his perfect forever home :D!

In other news! Scotty (Now "Farley"!) is also doing great! Here are a couple more pics his mom sent me!

Will post more soon!

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  1. Lovely news about Chika - I'm sure Carlin will find his furever home soon!