Monday, October 1, 2012

Super quick! Koko and Rumi!

Koko was adopted! YAY! He went home to his new family yesterday and as they walked him away he didn't even look back! :)

I thought I would be more sad about him leaving, and don't get me wrong - I miss him a lot! - but there were no expected tears or heart wrenches, just totally happiness for him! I think that is because I found the perfect family for him and they love him as much as he loves and will love them :) So how can I be sad when he is going to where he always belonged, he was just waiting for them to find him :)

And as you may have heard if you read Emily's blog, is that Rumi (pronounced Roomee) had an injured eye when she arrived at the dog run. So Rumi went home with Denise and Hershey (Now Lumi I believe?) is with Emily.

Rumi hangs out in her cone and is not allowed to play with other dogs, even though she really wants to play with them! So Denise - with a busy daycare week coming up- wanted Rumi to go to a quiet home for two weeks until her eye is all healed up, and she's allowed to play with dogs again. And that's where I come in!

Not even 2 hours after Koko went home I drove to Denise's to pick up Rumi! She is still learning to navigate her with her cone, so we had to lift her into the car (she was hesitant to jump in because her cone was bumping the door) and she was a little unsure about what was happening, but was quiet and good in the car. Near the end of the car ride she gave a big sigh and then finally lied down (instead of sitting) next to me and put her head in my lap. It was like she was saying, you seem okay - so I'll go with you. So far she is a little funny girl with a bounce in her step and a lovely sweet and playful demeanour! She loves to cuddle and play with toys :)
I will write an actual update about Rumi soon!

Will post more soon!

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