Thursday, March 7, 2013

BarkBox Promo EXTENDED!

Hello everyone!

As you can see above BarkBox has extended their promotion for ALL of 2013!

So far Turtle Gardens has had 10 new subscriptions using our coupon code!! :D!! That's $200 dollars for TG! That's awesome! Way to go guys! :D

And they are running ANOTHER promotion right now where the rescue with the most New Subscriptions who sign up using our code (TGSNBBX1) will get an extra $1,000 donation!! :O!!! That is so awesome!!

We can do this guys! We already have 10 subscriptions and if we can have more people sign up using our coupon code then TG may be able to win that extra 1,000! That is on top of the donation per subscription! :D So tell all your friends and family! :D

Hey guys today is the last day of February - meaning it is also the last day of the BarkBox February promotion!

If you sign up today you will get $10 off your BarkBox PLUS $10 will go to Turtle Gardens! And we might be able to win the $1K bonus donation! - Think of how many dogs that will help?! :D

All you have to do is use this coupon code: TGSNBBX1 when checking out!

Also, if you sign up please e-mail Jenny at and let her know Julia S from Turtle Gardens referred you! That way we can get more auction items for our fundraiser!

I just finished my BarkBox review video!

You can watch it HERE!

Also please hit "like" and "subscribe" so you will be notified of my other upcoming video's! :)

Thanks guys! :D

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