Monday, July 2, 2012

Super quick update

Hi all! Sorry it been so long since my last post! I am currently in toronto! And I finally have some time to quickly let you know why happened...

Jay was Adopted! :D!
She was adopted by a great guy who has tons of dog and, even better, pitbull experience! And he's an outdoorsy guy - so perfect for our Jay!
I believe he has renamed her Penny! :) I find it fits her well as she has a tan circle on her back that looks like a penny! What a great, sweet name for our sweet girl :)

She went home the morning I left for Toronto! It worked out perfectly as now I don't have to worry about her while I'm in toronto, because I know she is in her awesome new home :) I'll post an update on her as soon as I receive it :)

After I come back from Toronto I will have a period of time without a foster, and will be getting another foster in mid-August. As far as I know it is to be Sid :) I fostered her for a two day temp-foster and I have found her to be a super sweet funny girl.

She has a very mature energy about her, and acts much more like an older dog than a young teenager. And she loves being with her people doing what they do. She was a pleasure to have over and her and Jay (Penny) got along great even though her profile says it should be otherwise. Obviously, with the correct introductions she got along with Jay fine and they even snuggled together!

She was such a sweetheart and I can see her fitting in with just about any family due to her being a puppy in age but a much older dog in maturity.

Of course I'll know more specifics if I foster her, but I've been told she is doing great up north :)

Well I'm just heading into downtown Toronto so I shall post more soon!


  1. Hooray Julia and JayCee... Ummmm I mean Penny! So happy your forever family found you! I must admit I was beginning to think Julia was in deed your forever family!

    Can't wait to read MORE updates from Penny!

    (JC-Penny I love it lol)
    Hope your trip to Toronto went well!
    Welcome back home

    1. My trip was great! And it was even better knowing Penny was in her own loving forever home!:)