Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Next up is Winna!
Her foster family just loves her!

Winna is a female, senior Karelian Bear Dog mix, her foster mom says they think she is about 8 - but acts like she's 10.

Winna is overall a pretty reserved girl. She likes attention and pets, but after a few minutes she would like her space. She is happy to sit at your feet and hang out next to you. She may not be the cuddliest, but she is Extremely Loyal! She waits for her foster family to get home and is so happy to see them when they are back! She also has a spot under their table where she naps during the day. She seems to like little nooks and likes to hide her bones in them ;)

Her foster family works during the day - so Winna is alone for approx 8 hours, and during that time she just hangs out in the house. But once her fosters are back she likes them to stick around and can sometimes get a bit anxious if left again the same day.

Her foster family take her to different outdoor sports, and she is great around other people - even groups! She likes to sit and watch the game and enjoy the love she gets form the teammates.

At night she likes to sleep on the floor by her foster family's bed. She loves being around her people when she can.

Her leash manners are amazing! She will walk right next to you and slow down to tell you she found a spot that she likes.
She is a senior, so she is not super energetic, and enjoys slower, calm walks. She has a toy she chews on and an occasional bite on a raw hide.
Her breed loves to hunt, so off-leash she will likely follow a track and is unlikely to recall, so off-leash would be better in a fenced in area - or long leash.

Winna is very much a people dog. Someone from up North even said that every dog finds at least one friend up at Turtle Gardens - Winna was the only one without a friend. She can be protective of herself and her humans, so for the most part she will bark at dogs her size and bigger and smaller ones might be able to get a sniff in before she will ask them to stop. 
She has had some good interactions with dogs, but mostly smaller and older dogs.

She currently gets about an hour of walking per day. Though, Winna does not do stairs very well, as she is older so her legs aren't the most stable.

Winna has shown to be okay with kids, but just not the kind that want to "play" with a dog all day - she likes having some space.

Winna is very calm, loyal and sweet with people. She is low key and low maintenance. 
She can be a bit reserved with socializing - you can tell she had a tough time in her younger years as she still ducks when you pat her on the head or crowd her space.

We think Winna would do best with an older couple, or family with older kids (or no kids), and with no other dog so Winna can be the star :) We would love to see Winna go to a nice quiet home where she can rest and relax :)

Winna's foster family just love her  and they wish they could adopt her - but they plan to travel in the near future, which would be too hard on Winna. So they want to help find Winna's loving forever home where she can be loved forever and ever! :)

Winna's foster family's blog can be found here: http://nandjfostering.blogspot.ca/

Winna's petfinder link can be found here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/20920980

Please use the Adoption Aplication link in the side bar if you think Winna may be the right fit for your family!

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