Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hello All!

Over the next couple weeks I'll be fostering a few different dogs! So you will all have lots to read about! :)

I even have a new foster, TODAY! She came to me this morning, though I am only a temporary foster as she will be going to her foster home on the island in a week.

Her name is Bambi!
If you follow Turtle Gardens' blog you may remember her from back in July! She was an outdoor dog whose owners gave her up once she went into heat.
She was since adopted by a really nice, well-meaning couple. They did some really good work with her leash work, and manners, but they were first time dog owners, and were still learning "the ropes" of dog ownership and training, and after a few weeks they realized Bambi may be better off with a more dog-experienced family. They really loved her and were very sad to see her go, but she was just becoming a bit much for them, and they are happy that she will get to go to a home with more dog experience who can continue her training, and help her be the best dog she can be :)

So far having her here for only a few hours, she's been great :) She is not sure of whats happening yet, thats for sure, as she is doing a bit of whining and pacing, but she has settled down a lot in the last couple hours. At first she would whine and scratch at the door and run back and forth in the room. But now with me coming in and out and moving around with her, she hardly gives even a little whine anymore, even when left for longer periods of time, after a minute or so you can hear her lie down and settle.
- The first day is always the hardest when transitioning dogs, so overall I'd say she's been quite good all things considered!

We walked to the park and she met a big lab there and he wanted to play SO BAD but they were both on leash so they couldn't, also I'd only had her maybe 20 mins at that point and I was pretty sure she wouldn't be listening/ recalling to me yet ;P but Bambi wanted to get over there badly as well, but I just held the leash with some tension for a minute and in seconds she'd settled and was relaxed looking around the park, no longer really caring that the dog was there.

She LOVES to sniff and will sniff everywhere if you let her :)

I have a cute video of her on the walk wanting to sniff everywhere!

She also does zoomies when she has a toy at the park - too bad I didn't have a long leash with me :( So she kind of just ran in circles on a 6ft leash haha!

She's a medium size dog - about the size of a sheltie? She's only 35 lbs and most of that is fur as she is very slight. She's almost like a miniature husky! She is only 9 months old so she's still a puppy, and she loves to play, but likes to relax too. But she is very smart (maybe some Border Collie?) and I think she would actually make a very good agility prospect, or any other dog sport! She tried to play with my hands once, but I just ignored her and held onto her leash (what Kathy Gibson of Custom Canine taught me to do with Jaycee) and she realized it was getting her no where and stopped and hasn't tried since! :D told you she was smart!

I'm pretty much just giving her time to settle in herself, ignoring the anxiety behaviors, just keeping her on a leash, and giving her a couple pets when shes relaxed (but not to much so I don't get her worked up and over stimulated) and she's been a sweet lady, and I'm exited to learn more about her over the next few days :)

She's right now lying on my feet while I right this, having a little snooze :)

Please leave comments about any questions about Bambi or anything else!

I shall write more soon!
(I shall post the pics and video soon!)

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