Monday, June 3, 2013

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck...Bee?

I'm back! Well... I suppose I never really left the TG foster world, but I took a break during the school year, but now that that school year is over it's time for more foster dog adventures! :)

And though I didn't have a full time foster dog these past few months I kept myself busy with other dog related fun!

As you probably know I do agility with my pup, Rikki, who just turned two in May! :) She loves it and the good treats she gets for doing it ;) but she particularly loves the doggy playtime at the end of class! Her best friend is a standard poodle named Rachel! Rachel will usually be off leash first and come over to Rikki where Rachel "play-bow's" right in front just waiting for us to let Rikki off too - and when we do they go off galavanting with each other!

Also, I have had some boarding doggies here while their parents were away! And I thought I'd share some of the cute photos I took while they were here :)

This is Eshe (pronouned Esh-ah)

And this is my aunts golden retriever, Butterscotch (aka Butters) - he came over for a play date! :)

I also watched over the pups at Denise's daycare while she was away for a couple days! (TG's Sula -now adopted- is in this pic too!)

This is Pasa!

And this brings me to my final pic of my boarders - Pasa was here for a few days after I picked up my newest foster pup, and I think they got along well, but you be the judge.... ;)

Yup - that little guy is my new foster dog, Chuck!
Bringing Chuck home

Chuck is a little under the weather
The first few days he was at my house he was not feeling great :( He was lethargic to the point that you had to attach his leash just to get him up, wouldn't eat or drink and was vomiting :( We thought it could just be the stress, but he was so skinny as it was and we needed to make sure it wasn't something more serious, especially with the vomiting. So off to the vet he went. Dr.Harry said he was quite dehydrated and needed to stay over night for fluids, so he did and they ran a blood test and checked for worms etc. The tests were coming back fine but they ended up needing to keep him there on fluids another night just to be sure. I worried about my little guy :(  So then he finally came back home and he came back to me a much happier pup! He was very happy to see us and started eating and drinking and even wanting to play a bit! 

Back home!

That is why it took me so long to write this blog post - because I wanted to have some time to get to know his true personality!

Yup, I'm a cutie!
Chuck is a terrier mix - we really have no idea what's in there... he kinda looks like a taller longer chihuahua? Sometimes I see some Border Terrier, sometimes I see some pug, sometimes chihuahua - but who knows! He is just an adorable pup! I'm sure you could see in the pics that he is quite skinny. He's 11lbs now but we're helping him gain weight, so he should be around 14lbs or so, which is a great size! He is about 1 year old and is totally house trained.   He is set to be fixed tomorrow, but he hasn't marked anything in the house, even with another dog here. And outdoors he rarely marks anything. 
He has great leash skills and stays at your side or behind  your leg. Occasionally he might prance ahead a little but with little to no pressure on the leash he will step right back in next to you. He does sometimes jump up when excited but is learning to sit before being petted. 

There were kittens at the vet and Chuck wasn't too interested in them, it was more of an "Oh, cats, hmm, neat...where's my people?" than "Omg,omg,omg! CATS!!!" lol - so I think he would do fine with dog savvy- kitties. He also gets along with dogs, but as with many dogs he likes polite greetings. If a dog rushes him too quickly he will move away and tell them he doesn't like that. But once the dog calms down Chuck will walk up and say hi. He hasn't shown much interest in playing with other dogs though, but enjoys their company. But he LOVES people, so I think he would love a place where he had people home most of the day. He is crate trained and is okay being left alone, but he definitely is a dog that loves lots of time with his people. 

He is happy going out on walks and playing in the yard, but is just as happy to cuddle on the couch or chew on an antler while you work at the computer. I'd say he's a low energy dog in the house, and a medium energy dog outside. He doesn't play with toys much in the house, but enjoys antlers and kongs. Outside he loves to play fetch and play with squeaky toys!

Throw Da Ball Pweeze!

Proud Chuck

As we believe he was fed a lot of people food in his life, so he can be picky when it comes to dog food. He so far he's not a fan of kibble, but likes dehydrated raw! And he LOVES chicken!

He is just a super sweet "shadow" dog. We always joke that he sticks so close that we turn around and still don't see him because he turned with you so is behind you again hehe! 

He is going to be a great companion for a lucky family :) 

What I wake up to in the morning

And for giggles I have another story ...

I knew I would be fostering Chuck, and he is my first "small" I've ever fostered! And since I knew Hats off Day was coming up I thought this would be a fun opportunity to use some of the fun doggy clothes that get donated to the rescue! :)

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that dressing your dogs up everyday is a good idea. It can be hard on a dogs health as they can overheat etc, and body language that the dog is projecting may be misinterpreted by other people and dogs because its being covered by clothes - among other things. But I think that dressing up is fun for people on occasion, and I think that on occasion it can be fun to dress up the pup too! And as long as you take into consideration the heat and the dogs' comfort it can be a good time :) Also, it helps get them noticed while walking around - which can be an asset when your dog is for adoption! 

So anywho, Denise gave me an adorable costume for Chuck to wear at the Hats off Day parade and festival - and he got lots of attention! Everyone commented on how cute and sweet he was ;) He was very well behaved considering there were crowds of people and dogs and noises - and he got lots of treats from dog suppliers there :)

Also, I recently started an Instagram page for Turtle Gardens! So please follow us @turtlegardens for lots of adorable pics and updates! :)

More soon!


  1. Awwww. To CUTE, to cute, to cute!!
    I would really like to steal Chuck's portion of your blog to post it to TG's blog.
    PLEASE, please, please???

    1. For sure! :) He truly is a sweetheart! And he's at the vet right now awaiting his neuter!