Monday, May 26, 2014

What goes around comes around!

Or at least Kennel cough does! It's really bad this year and it seems everyone is getting it! Tis the season after all! The daycare I take Archie too got kennel cough (despite requiring the vaccine). Luckily it happened after I had taken Archie and it was with the big dogs, and Archie was with the small dogs - so he didn't catch it. But now that means that I can't take him to daycare for about 3 weeks while we wait for it to clear up. Until then he'll just have a mini daycare experience when he comes to work with me as there are often 3-9 dogs at any time :) 

The weather hasn't been quite as nice the last few days, but earlier in the week it was nicer and we took the pups on the trials :) they had a good time :) 
And we visited Tisol too with them in their bandanas ;) 


  1. Seeing you cuddle with Archie is so awesome! He is such a cuddly sweet guy :)

  2. Awww great post Julia. 3 weeks will be over before you know it Archie! Have fun while your forever family searches for you!