Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jay at the Dog Park!

Yesterday, Adam and I took Rikki and Jaycee to the dog park! We figured since it had just rained that there probably wouldn't be too crowded and that it would give the doggies more chance to sniff around and meet a few dogs while they're at it!

Well to our luck it turned out to be about 7 or so dogs there! Not all at the same time, but over the course of the 2 hours we were there they met them all.

Before the dog park I took Jay for a walk and fed her dinner and then popped her in the car with Rikki and off we went! We went over to the Burnaby lake dog park (off Piper) and it's a nice little dog park that also has a clean water dispenser that the dogs love and a trail for people that goes around the outside and a bench and big logs to sit down on or jump over! All in all it's a lot of fun!

I am so proud of Jay! She did SO WELL! She took a minute for her initial excitement to calm but she quickly realized that when she relaxed she got to play! She was wonderful!! There was even a very small dog! The size of a bigger chihuahua and Jay even played well with her too! Which is great because I know we were not sure how she would be with small dogs! But she played so gentle with her! The smaller dog was even snapping a bit at Jay (the smaller dog was starting to get tired) but Jay just took it in stride and was great! Jay is really learning to pass the puppy playfulness and be respectful of other dogs!

I couldn't stop smiling the whole time at the park! Jay was great on her own! She just walked over to a dog played some chase and wrestle games then relaxed and walked away and sniffed around! I always praised tons when she chose to walk away from playing, so that she learns while playing is fun for her, taking a break and relaxing is good too! She is already so smart! I have a video montage of her time there that I think you will all enjoy!

(Sorry about some of the exposure! My phone had a hard time choosing what to put it at cause there were dark black dogs and then this bright white one!)

Here's a picture of just after the dog park ;)


Also I have included two short clips of Jay on her walk! She is improving every day and look at her now! What a great walker!!!

Jay is now all signed up and ready for Doggie Daycare! She is getting her bordatella vaccination on thursday and then she is good to go! Her meet and greet there went great! She is submissive around other dogs which is great and she was fine with balls around and all the employees there love her! She's going to love socializing with all those other doggies! :D

Will post more soon!

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