Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daycare - Take two!

First off, I am very mad at myself... I left my purse on the bus... Hopefully it turns up but as is I'm missing all my money and ID, so hopefully they still let me into the fundraiser at shanks with just a passport! And hopefully my bag turns up... Because my work uniform and SIN card and ID and everything is in there :(

Anywho... In dog related news ;)

Jay is doing great! Took her out last night for night time fetch with a glowing chuck-it and she loved it! She would run the entire length of the soccer field and back over and over!

She's been loving her rawhides and chew toys. And she did the cutest thing when she was thirsty yesterday...
She was chewing on a rawhide and then picked it up walked over to her empty food bowl, gently placed the rawhide inside, then went to her water dish and began to drink. Then went back to her food bowl picked up her rawhide then went back to her blanket to chew on it! It was so adorable! She's such a smartie :D!

We were planning on just doing daycare about once per week but due to a scheduling conflict that came up suddenly between me and my sister, we decided instead of Jay being home for a long while (which she will do when necessary - but I try really hard to avoid as much as possible!) we would put her into daycare for the day!
I knew shed love it, and this way when I come home from work I know she's tired and happy! Besides when her eyes are saying "Foster Mommie, I'd really like to go run and play with some puppy friends tomorrow, pretty pleeeease?" and how can you say no to those eyes? ;)

They're also going to send a report card home with her which is cool so I will pass that along to all of you too :)

Will post more soon :)
And don't forget to leave me comments! I have a long transit ride home ;)


  1. Love reading your great posts, Hope your purse gets returned soon.

  2. That Sux Big Time about your pursey thingy you left on the whatcha ma call it bussy thingy. I know you peoples have alot of wierd things and I know all too well how attached you get to them. I sure hope you didn't bury it somewhere and fergit about it. I hope you find it.
    Anyway, Hey Jaycee, I heard you were going to the Tisol Customer Appreciation Day Event on Grandview on June 16 (Sat) from 12:4pm with Aunty Paula and Silky. That's so cool please make sure to take lots of pictures so I can share them with all the Turtle Gardens readers too okay. Pssst oh yea and quit being so cute and showin' yer so clever or your Foster mom isn't gonna wanna adopt you out.... Oooooooh okay I get it, yes, yes, of course. hee hee heee Clever dog!

    1. Yup I was at Tisol last week and they told me about it - I plan to be there for sure :) In fact if you look at their "Tisol Family" wall you will see pictures of Scotty, Chika, Carlin, Sid and of course Jaycee!

      And of course there will be lots of pics taken :D

  3. Too bad about the purse, Julia - I hope it turns up! Replacing all that documentation is SUCH a pain.
    What a sweet face Jay has...

    1. Yeah - I hope so too cause it really is a pain! :(

  4. Hi Julia,
    Sorry to hear about your purse; it's amazing how many important things are kept in our wallets! What a pain in the rump. I hope some kindhearted person turns your purse in. Glad to hear that you'll be a the Tisol Promo; can't wait to meet Jaycee. I love your blog and Jaycee seems like such a cutie! Glad she's doing well at daycare.

    1. Yeah, I'm really feeling the loss of the bag more than I thought I would!

      And Jay LOVES daycare! And it has done wonders for her when she's walking and see's a dog! She doesn't pull or anything - just watches the dog. It's like she's saying "You look interesting but I get to play with 10 of you, at the same time, in Daycare anyway." ;)