Monday, June 4, 2012


(I am posting this from my phone so please excuse any grammatical errors)

So I dropped Jay off at daycare this morning before I went to work and then my sister picked her up later in the day.

About an hour after I dropped her off, I received a phone call. The phone number listed was the daycare. I immediately started worrying; Is everything okay? Is Jay sick or hurt? But I answered the phone and wouldn't you believe it - they called to tell me how amazing she is doing! It was her first day in their daycare and they couldn't express how much they love her already! Even when my sister picked her up they were still gushing! She even texted me to tell me how much they loved her!

They told me how great she was being with all of the other dogs and of course she melts all the hearts she meets!

No surprise from such a well socialized charmer! ;)

My sister, Tarah, who helps me care for my foster dogs, picked up Jay from the daycare while I was at work and messaged me to tell me how cute Jay was being! Apparently playing with doggies for a few hours is very tiring! As you'll see in the following pictures....

And the pink collar you see is her flat collar for daycare - it was left on until she got home but then she went straight to sleep! So it was just left on for now. How cute or what! :)

Can't believe she is still looking or her forever home! Whoever gets to take her home is one lucky family/person!

Will post more soon!

And I always love to hear your comments! So please comment away!! :D

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