Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Bag!!

To all of you who read my blog, you will probably remember my post about losing my bag... It was really stressful having to try and replace each piece and try to hope no one is taking out credit cards in my name etc...


I have my bag back!! With everything in it including CASH!! Thank you Anonymous Hero!!!

And because I believe in Karma, and what goes around comes around...
As it is totally amazing that my cash is all still in my wallet - I am going to be donating it to Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue! It's not much compared to the expenses 70 dogs generate, but I know every bit counts!

I am very happy to be able to help this wonderful rescue and its rescue dogs while at the same time beginning to repay that amazing stroke of good karma that just came my way!

If you would like to donate as well and help out those wonderful dogs you can visit us at our fundraiser at Schanks Sports Bar and Grill (In New Westminster, BC) on Friday June 15th! We will be there from 7-10pm!
Or you can use this link to donate! (You will recieve a tax recipt)

$20, $10, or even $2 - every dollar helps!

And think of it this way... every dollar you give gets a rescue dog a dollar closer to a healthy, happy life in their own forever home!


  1. SO glad you got your purse back, Julia - the cash being there is a bonus, but it's all the ID stuff that would have scared me. Three cheers for the Unknown Hero!

    1. I know! I am thrilled to have all my ID back! No random credit card statements for 20 60" 3D TV's coming my way! Woot! :D

  2. RarrRROOOOOOOOoo Way to go Unknown Hero! That's totally awsome Julia. You put big puppy dog tears in my eyes with your idea to donate it back to TG! You are an amazing person. Wish we Royals could make it to the fundraiser this weekend. we'ld sure like to meet you. Have a blast for us and know that all our tails are a waggin' for you!

    1. I am thrilled to have my bag back! And I'm super happy to be able to help a great rescue!

      And the fundraiser tomorrow is totally going to be great! To bad you can't be there :( But I'll be sure to have a blast for all of us :) and hopefully you can come to the next one :D