Friday, June 22, 2012

Jaycee's One Month Update

With Jay the first word that comes to everyone’s mind is Sweet! Jaycee is such a sweetheart and has a heart of gold! Her winning personality and puppy demeanour quickly melt everyone’s heart! Since fostering her, I have not had a single person meet her and not comment on how sweet and amazing she is! She is a beautiful dog with even prettier eyes that will turn on the puppy charm at every opportunity!

Jaycee is a 10 month old, medium size, Pitbull X Husky! She is a snuggle bunny and would love to pretend she is a lap dog, but she knows better than that! She loves to be where the people are, and will lie down next to you and chew a treat or nap or just enjoy being petted. 

Jaycee loves to cuddle on your bed, but is also fine in her crate and will sleep quietly in there as well. Jay LOVES to sleep in and will easily sleep over 10+ hours! If you don’t get up she just keeps on sleeping! I can’t count how many times I’ve slept in by accident because she is so still and quiet while sleeping. She will occasionally give a light snore, but it just makes you want to cuddle her more because it is so cute! 

She is extremely smart and loves to learn! She knows multiple commands, hand motions, whistles, and we even taught her to sit and lie down by snapping our fingers!  She also LOVES to play fetch! She will retrieve that ball all day for you! She sometimes thinks it’s a fun game of keep away, but she is learning really fast and now drops it with no problem!

She loves people and knows a good belly scratcher when she meets one and loves to get belly rubs all day long! She also loves kids! As a puppy sometimes their energy is very exciting, so it is better if the kids stay calm around her so she knows that is what is expected of her.  Also, as she is still a puppy if a stranger approaches too fast over top of her she gets a bit nervous and will back up, as many puppies do, but she will go up to greet the stranger herself no problem, and will be begging for more pets faster than you can say “Hello!”!

She is also great on leash! She trots along with a loose leash. She may give the odd tug for a squirrel or bird but saying “leave it” gets her back on track. She much prefers to just sniff around and trot along next to you. She also has good off leash skills!  And she is good with distractions when she is playing fetch too! Other dogs, kids and soccer balls didn’t bother her! She may look at them but she heads right back to you with her ball. Unless the other dog comes up to her for some playtime in which case she is all for it!

Jay is very dog social! She loves going to the dog-park, and loves going to doggie daycare. She gets along great with all the other dogs, and loves to play! If the dog doesn’t want to play she is great at respecting that. She is very polite and will greet other dogs very nicely and calmly. 

Jaycee is looking for an active cat-free home where she can play ball and meet lots of dogs and then settle down for a snuggle at night!

She is a fantastic dog and will make her lucky future forever family very happy! 

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