Friday, June 1, 2012

Jay at the Vet!

Don't worry! Jay's fine! We are going to be taking her to daycare for extra socialization and fun times, and they require a bordatella vaccination.

So we took her in and she did the nasal vaccination (liquid up her nose) and she did great! No sneezing or shaking her head and no hard feelings! She went right up to the vet after and sat asking "More cookies please!". Dr. Ubi was so great with her and she definitely loved him! (His cookies were also more enticing then mine :P) Jay loves every body :)

She loves going to the vet and had her nose practically glued to the floor taking in all the different smells! She was very good with the vet checking her all over and as I said she even took the medication in stride!

I even have a nice photo of her sitting pretty in the vet's office! :)

Dr.Ubi said Jay was in great health and was at a great weight! I just had to ask because we weighed her and she came in at 58lbs! Even the vet assistant said wow! She doesn't look like she's 58lbs but pitty's are known to be a bit hefty in weight even if they're not super big.
She was a bit skinny when we first got her - probably stress. So we brought her up a few pounds and are holding her here now that we can no longer see her ribs easily. So it was great to hear when Dr.Ubi confirmed she is now at a very good weight!

Some Shaw guys came yesterday to fix our cable and I was in a different room with Jay and when we came out the guys were tromping into the house, walking right towards us, all big and looking very intimidating and it startled Jay, as she is still a young puppy and is still getting used to different experiences. But after a couple minutes and a few sniffs she was making friends! And was even starting to be too friendly! :D I had to take her to another room with me so she could let them do their work, especially cause one of them had dogs at home so Jay wouldn't stop sniffing him :P

She is such a friendly puppy and gets along with everyone! But she is still young and new experiences can sometimes be overwhelming, but she is a VERY quick learner! It only took her maybe 30 seconds to walk over and sniff the guys and start asking for pets :) The Shaw guys loved her and told us they think she is such a sweetheart! And even the people at the vet were saying what a pretty and sweet girl she is!
Is it Nap-Time yet? Okay, I'll just nap right here.

They don't do the inner nasal vaccinations (even though they are more effective) unless the dog is very friendly as you are very close to their mouth! But as stated above she was so sweet the vet said the inner nasal should be no problem, and it wasn't! She was more likely to lick his face then anything else! She probably would have too, but we all moved a bit out of the way after incase she sneezed :P

Jay is still looking for her forever home, and anyone who was lucky enough to add her to their family will have a wonderful, sweet, friend and companion!
Jay loves to play but also loves to nap! I took her for a run today so she is still napping while I write this. She is curled up at the end of my bed with her head on my feet. She likes to sleep like this too. Even if I toss and turn it's no problem - she just goes back to sleep. But I think she just likes to know I'm there so she cuddles in. She is such a sweetheart! And everyone at the dog parks comment on how pretty and sweet she is!


I've even had people come up and stop me on the street and ask if they can meet her because she is so pretty and sweet looking! She has the same beauty outside as inside for sure! And people can see that :)

It's tough with her breed sometimes, as many people take one look at her breed and walk away. I saw this many times at the SPCA when I volunteered there.

The thing is you really have to meet her before you can see how the pictures don't give her justice, and how her sweet, eager to please, personality just can't be put into the right words! She is just an amazing dog! And I can't wait for her to find that home that doesn't pass over her page and see's just how amazing and wonderful this dog truly is! 

Will post more soon!


  1. Julia I just love your blog and Jaycee sounds like a complete sweetheart; I just had to send you this link about what a wonderful thing a Pit Bull that was adopted did for her owner! Here it is:

    1. That is so incredible! It amazes me every day how smart dogs are and how much they care about their family! Thank you so much for posting!

      And Jaycee is for sure a total sweetheart and a suck :)